Purchase Mortgage

Bigger & Better Things…

If you are reading this then you are probably looking for something ‘ Bigger & Better’ for yourself (& your partner) or just more space for your family. We know from experience to achieve the very best results it is extremely important to liaise with us even before you start this exercise. There are quite a number of extra financial logistics relating to a sale and purchase scenario that require additional detailed due diligence. For some there might even be further considerations like background properties which may affect the advice given.

Providing all the detailed paperwork at the outset gives you the very best chance of a quick mortgage offer shortly after you have found your new home. That said we can also adapt accordingly, moving at speed if you have already agreed a deal on a property when you first make contact.

Once we have the initial paperwork we can then complete all the relevant due diligence within the mortgage market, establish your budget plus protection needs, future goals and then target the most suitable mortgage deal.

Although not an essential part of the initial process many agents will expect to see an Agreement in Principle before presenting your offer to the Vendor of your target property. As long as we have received all your initial paperwork and the due diligence has been covered off we can usually produce this Agreement in Principle within one hour.

The whole buying (& selling) process can be vastly enhanced if you choose to link up with our trusted Solicitors who we speak to on a daily basis and work closely with us as a team. Ask us for quote.

Finally, Richard and his team fully appreciate that both buying and selling is so much more involved than just providing you with your mortgage offer. We will stay with you every step of the journey until the ‘job is done’ and you have moved into that bigger & better dream home.