Richard’s Mortgage Diary

Keeping Everyone in the Picture…

Clear and concise email updates providing on-going clarity for all the important people involved in your purchase.

Richard introduced the Mortgage Diary in 2010 to overcome communication issues which often arise within ‘The Chain’ when purchasing a property. This move has proven to be incredibly successful bringing all relevant parties involved closer together throughout the whole journey and ultimately assisting everybody in achieving the right result on schedule.

Richard’s Mortgage Diary is sent out each time there is new and positive information to share with you the Client(s), Richard’s PAs, your/our Solicitor and the Estate Agents you are purchasing through by email. It very quickly builds up a history of progressive and only positive events keeping all parties well and truly in the loop.

The idea behind the Diary is very simple. It was designed primarily to show the Estate Agents you are purchasing through (& ultimately the Vendor of the property (via the agent)) that you are serious about purchasing the property, have a great team behind you and are progressing through all the key stages, all in a very acceptable timeframe.

Please remember we work for you and not the Vendor, however put yourself in the Vendor’s shoes, this is incredibly re-assuring when you are trying to sell your property and must entrust in a new purchaser they know very little about.

Basically the Estate Agents are so well informed there is no need for them to chase either Richard or yourself and instead are able to pass on good news to the Vendor on a regular basis detailing the strength of your purchase.

Let everyone focus on us instead of worrying about all the usual stress everyone else seems to suggest you will receive buying a property.

NB. Richard’s Mortgage Diary is not compulsory and can be removed from the process if you feel this is more appropriate to your circumstances, for instance a private purchase. Not all of Richard’s Adviser team run a Mortgage Diary themselves but instead provide regular personal updates.