No Broker’s Fee

Scales weighted very much in your favour…

Once again Richard has decided to positively ‘buck the trend‘ this time with regard to what you are charged in relation to the extensive levels of service that he and his team provide securing your new mortgage together with overseeing your transaction right up to completion.

You can normally expect to pay a minimum of £500 – £1000 + VAT in London and the surrounding area, whilst £250 – £500 + VAT is commonplace across the rest of the UK (Scotland not included).

Richard has decided to SMASH this regime charging… NO BROKER’S FEE !

If we arrange a mortgage for you, typically we will not charge you a fee and will confirm this in writing from the outset. However there may be certain circumstances where we may charge a fee up to 0.5% of the mortgage amount (although extremely unusual this will once again be agreed by all parties at the outset).

No Broker’s Fee Guys ! So don’t forget to tell your friends, family & work colleagues!