Weekly Mortgage Surgery

Monday night is ‘Mortgage Night!’…

There’s probably a few things that have been on your mind for a while… ?

…or maybe you’ve just seen a house on the weekend you would love to buy but are worried you won’t be able to get the right advice for a week or more ?

…perhaps your mortgage is overdue for a review or coming to the end of It’s product benefit period with the payments about to shoot up… or you need to find out if that house move or extension is financially viable but it’s impossible trying to sort this out with your busy work schedule… ?

It might just be a simple case that you are looking for an alternative solution to save some money every month or would like to be referred to one of Richard’s team of specialists for advice in another area ?

Well… here’s the easy option, just pick up the phone and call 07968 136422.

No appointment required.
No obligation service.
Available 7pm – 9 pm every Monday.
This is a short informal chat to discuss your potential mortgage eligibility.

From experience we know and expect everybody’s circumstances will be different, however we will be able to establish what mortgage options are available to you in a matter of minutes.

Final detailed and specific advice can only be provided after a full interview has been conducted. Your first formal appointment can be agreed at the end of this initial chat if required.

Just give us a call…