Due Diligence

Getting it Right First Time…

Without doubt the most important part of the mortgage process is the initial due diligence.

Before proceeding with your mortgage application we need to be 100% sure that we have not only located the best possible Lender and deal to suit your needs but that you also meet the Lender’s detailed lending criteria. It is paramount to get this absolutely precise before committing you financially.

Although we will be able to chat to you initially in a general capacity about the market, you will be expected to provide a financial profile together with relevant supporting documents before we can conclude the final pre-application due diligence.

You will be completely involved as we quickly filter through all the possible market options until the most suitable deal is found. We will then approach the target Lender with a detailed list of questions to make absolutely certain you can firmly proceed.

Providing all the information we require at the outset not only means we can proceed with absolute confidence on your behalf but also gives us the very best chance of getting it right first time delivering the mortgage offer as swiftly and as smoothly as possible.