Buying in London

Stand out from the Crowd…

You very rarely get a second chance to buy ‘that’ specific dream home in London so it is vitally important to get it right first time, have your house in order on Day 1 and the right team behind you ready to react the moment they are required, sometimes proactively at speed.

The reality is that things are never straightforward when buying in and around the capital. Proposed timescales may well be tight (especially if it is a new property), you could also be up against other interested parties (some of whom may be cash buyers) or you could just be up against the ‘London Market’ itself financially which has changed dramatically in recent years.

This is why it is so imperative to Stand out from the Crowd giving yourselves the very best chance of being taken seriously as the Vendor’s best option for a smooth and successful purchase.

Fortunately for you, Richard & his team are hugely experienced in all the potential hidden perils and red tape (sometimes legal) London brings with it helping numerous clients successfully purchase in and around the Capital on a regular basis. Almost all of these clients have been referred by friends and work colleagues who have also gone through exactly the same process.

Richard says… ‘Buying in London… take absolutely nothing for granted, prepare well, set your stall out right from the beginning, get everyone onside and never take your eye off the ball until contracts have been exchanged… job done’.