Behind the Scenes

The Engine Room…

Richard’s Personal PAs – Claire & Donna.

Behind any good Mortgage Broker running a business worth his or her salt is a well oiled Engine Room.

It has been Richard’s absolute pleasure to work with his personal PAs Claire & Donna for several years now. Pro-active, hands on and always on the ball, they play an extremely important part in helping Richard process and monitor your application all the way through to completion.

It is important to note that Claire & Donna do not provide any form of regulated advice and will not contact you directly unless specifically instructed by Richard. That said it is extremely helpful if you could copy Claire & Donna into any of your correspondence once the process has started to save valuable time this end. Thank you.

Please note: Claire & Donna work exclusively for Richard allowing him to run the other aspects of his Brokerage as well as concentrating on the progress of your file.

Richard’s team of advisers have the additional time to focus on this side of administration plus regular detailed updates themselves.