Advice at Your Own Pace

When you are Good & Ready…

When Richard started his own business he wanted to be very clear about one very important point.

“… when I ask other professionals for advice in their area of expertise, I want them to listen to my needs, I want to understand what they are telling me until I am truly satisfied… finally I want to make up my own mind to proceed based on that information when I’m good & ready. Is that so unreasonable ?”

There’s no rush

If you have only just started to look into buying a property or are about to tackle a re-mortgage exercise but only really wish to kick that process off with a quick friendly chat then you have arrived at exactly the right place. Richard & his team completely understand that not all clients proceed at the same pace.

Getting your house in order

It’s always good practice to be well prepared and have your house in order before proceeding with any type of mortgage application and / or purchase negotiations. Providing the relevant documentation at the very beginning of the process will enable us to secure the smoothest transaction within your preferred time frame.

When speed is required

Proceeding at your pace is essential but this can also mean moving at considerable speed in a focused and professional manner when required vital to ensuring the right outcome. We are highly experienced in producing excellent results within tight timescales whether brought on through a change of circumstances or clearly evident from the outset.