Going the Extra Mile

If you build it…

Way back in the beginning (the mid 90’s) when Richard joined the Financial Services Industry he was working in the local Bank. Everything was sales orientated, targeted appointment levels, monitored weekly business targets, meetings about meetings, a fairly cold ‘line them up and knock them down’ approach… he hated it… why ?

Well… because he wanted to work with clients, listen closely to their needs, advise them, proceeding when they were good & ready, not because he had a sales meeting the next morning and a target needed to be hit. He wanted to look after them in the long term forming a relationship built on trust and integrity safe in the knowledge that satisfied clients would not only return on a regular basis for sound unpressured advice but would also a have a good story to tell their friends, family and work colleagues.

Since starting his own business in 2008 Richard still only has one goal in mind… and that is 100% focus on each and every client. No sales targets anymore and not even any expectation that people will proceed. Just five star attention, very flexible working hours and total trust in the client… after all, if they were truly happy then nothing else really mattered, because everything else would just fall into place.